Step 1. Basket

Firstly, you need to select the desired advertising creative, you can enter the name of the niche you are interested in the search, and it will show you all the available options. After you find a suitable option, you need to make sure whether the application is suitable for you, the size and format in which the template is made.
Add your ad creative to your cart.

Step 2. Checkout

Go to shopping cart, check all added templates. If everything is correctly added, then click “proceed to checkout”. Then you go to the “checkout” page, enter your name, e-mail and choose a convenient payment method.
Place order.

Step 3. Payment for the goods

When paying by card, you can choose GPay, ApplePay, or just enter the data from your card.
Click “checkout”.

Step 4. Receiving the order

You will be taken to the final page, where you will receive a link to download the ad creative.
Also, you will receive an order by e-mail.

Yes, you will be able to edit the creative after downloading it to your computer. You can change the text, color and all other components, at your discretion. Before buying, we advise you to pay attention to the program in which an ad creative is made.
The editing process is here.

After the purchase, you will have access to the contact of the author of the purchased ad creative and you can contact him for editing or for new projects.

All digital products on are 100% prepaid and non-refundable as you receive the original ad creative file.

We guarantee a refund for the services of the designer indicated as the author of the ad creative, if he has not fulfilled his obligations within the specified period for an amount of up to $10.

To change information about yourself, you need to click on “my profile”, then – select “profile” and change the account information, your name, surname, display name, email and change the password.

If you are a responsible designer, then you can post your ad creatives with us.

To find out the terms of cooperation: write or email

Having opened the template in the program, you can change the text, color, picture, add a logo, at your discretion. Download an advertising creative in png and it is ready to launch an advertising campaign.

More details here.

There are 2 options for how to find:

1. Through the official Photoshop store
There you will find both free and commercial fonts. Of course, there are very few free ones.

2. Find free fonts on the internet
You can just google the font that you need, or find the one that you like and download.

How do I install the downloaded fonts?

On Windows:
In recent versions of Windows, fonts have become very easy to install.
All you need to do is right-click the font file, click Install, and Windows will automatically add it to Photoshop.

On macOS:
After downloading, double-click on the file (usually it has the extension .otf or .ttf)
After launching the “Fonts” application. Click the Set Font button and Photoshop will automatically add the new font.

More details here.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose any suitable creative for $1
  3. Add it to the cart
  4. In the shopping cart under the selected product, enter the promo code FREE1, click “apply coupon”
  5. Your coupon is activated and you will see that in total you have to pay $0
  6. Check the box next to “I have read and agree to the site rules and conditions.” and confirm the order
  7. Your order is completed, you go to the page where you can download the advertising creative and find out the contact of the author who performed the work
  8. Use and launch advertising campaigns with creatives from Xyative shop!


The site provides the following payment methods:

1. Apple Pay & Google Pay via secure payment system Wayforpay

2. By bank card Visa, Mastercard of any bank in the world through the secure payment system Wayforpay

3. PayPal, any of the 25 currencies that PayPal accepts

4. Cryptocurrency

In the basket with already added templates for advertising creatives, you need to click “proceed to checkout”, add payment details and choose a convenient payment method.
After that “checkout”, you go to the page with payment for the goods and pay using:

1. By bank card Visa, Mastercard through the Wayforpay payment system

2. PayPal

After paying for the goods, you should go to the “thank you” page. You will have a “download” button, by clicking on which you will be taken to the file hosting service and there you will download your template for an advertising creative.

In case of difficulties with downloading a file, you will have a direct link to the file hosting service.

Additionally, you will receive a download link by e-mail.

If you are interested in an ad creative, but are not yet ready to buy it, you can add it to your wishlist by clicking on the heart-shaped button when choosing an ad creative.

The product that you add will remain in the wishlist until you add it to the cart or remove it from there.